Joanna Jossif is an Architect Engineer and Designer. She is professionally active in the Netherlands and Cyprus. She graduated in 2009 from the National Technical University of Athens [NTUA] and received a masters degree from the Barcelona Institute of Architecture [BIArch] in 2011. She has worked on various scales and ranges of projects including the Smalto Dental Clinic in Nicosia and Architecture Research Center in Nicosia as part of Yiorgos Hadjichristou Architects as well as the Musée Cantonal de Beaux-arts in Lausanne and the Erweiterung Bündner Kunst Museum in Chur of Barozzi/Veiga as part of xmade [material and envelope design s.l.]She has experience with building design, detailing, interior design, furniture design, site specific installations, photography and visualisations.


+ 2010-2011 Master of Architecture [MBIArch] | Barcelona Institute of Architecture [BIArch], Spain

+ 2003-2009 Graduate Architect Engineer | Architecture School, National Technical University of Athens [NTUA], Greece


+ 2013 - current Freelance Architect/Designer 
+ 2014-2015 Yiorgos Hadjichristou Architects, Nicosia, Cyprus | Architect 
+ 2014-2015 Urban Gorillas NGO, Nicosia, Cyprus | Collaborator 
+ 2011-2013 xmade [material and envelope design s.l.], Barcelona, Spain | Architect / Facade specialist 
+ 2009-2010 Yiorgos Hadjichristou Architects, Nicosia, Cyprus | Practical Training 
+ 10/2008 Asadov Architectural Studio, Moscow, Russia | Practical Training [through IAESTE program]


+ 07/2015 Xsarkis Festival - Architecture and Weaving workshop | Organising team [Atraktos]: Chryso Onisiforou, Elina Pattichi and Joanna Jossif | Lofou, Cyprus
+ 03/2015 FouskoPolis Festival - Urban Gorillas NGO | Cyprus


Detailed CV and complete project list available upon request.