Paedi Center for Specialized Pediatrics [2015]
Architect: Joanna Jossif
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Type: Interior Architecture / Adaptive Reuse

Paedi (child in Greek) is a small medical center that specializes in care for children and adults with congenital conditions. In a struggling economy, low cost high impact solutions are key. This meant maintaining existing elements as a base and using low cost conventional components like ceiling tiles, doors, and polycarbonate sheets in creative ways.

A pattern of brightly colored stripes highlights each office or exam room door and the ceiling tiles above it, which coexist with the plain white background and the preceding grey tile floor. This was designed in an effort to create a space that is vibrant and stimulating enough for children and adult patients alike. Moreover floor to ceiling sliding chalkboard panels in the waiting room keep patients entertained, without obstructing the operational circulation of the space.

Furniture Design 
Designer: Joanna Jossif